“I love working on <i>Pretendians</i> because it gives me an opportunity to use humor as a vehicle to teach and inform. ” says Angel Ellis, co-host of <i>Pretendians</i>, Apple Podcasts' Spotlight show for July 2024. 

Angel Ellis is a free-press activist and director of Mvskoke Media. Her co-host Robert Jago is a freelance writer, entrepreneur, and Indigenous rights activist from Richmond, British Columbia. Together, they pitched the show to the podcast network, Canadaland, as a new original series. “I broke one of the first big Pretendian stories of this whole moment,” says Jago, “and the way that I did it didn’t provide enough context. This series gives me a chance to try and reshape that.”

Ellis and Jago hope listeners understand the serious nature of the problem, while becoming more acquainted to Native joy and humor. “The broadest part of society coming to understand its impact on Indigenous people, has always been a driving motivation for me,” says Ellis. “ If nothing else, I hope listeners learn that there is a way to be supportive of and enjoy Indigenous cultures without wearing it like some passing fad.”

What do some of the most prominent and successful Indigenous artists, leaders and professors have in common? They aren’t Indigenous. 

There are hundreds of cases of Indigenous identity fraud that we know about, and likely thousands that we do not. So why do these so-called “pretendians” do it? How do they pull it off? And what happens when they are exposed? 

In each episode of this riveting new podcast series, co-hosts Robert Jago (Kwantlen First Nation and Nooksack Indian Tribe) and Angel Ellis (Muscogee (Creek) Nation) reveal unbelievable stories of audacious fraudsters and investigate the complex phenomenon of Indigenous identity theft. 

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Robert and Angel take listeners under the hood of season one of Pretendians. They dig deep into the positive feedback, unexpected outcomes, as well as the criticism of the show so far. They discuss topics for future seasons and reveal what they missed in the first six episodes.

Includes updates on “Grand Chief” Guillaume Carle (episode 1), the definition of a “Karendian” (episode 4), and why AI makes the best songs about Pretendians. 

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