The Informed Traveler

The Informed Traveler

Randy Sharman

The Informed Traveler is a weekly travel podcast dedicated to bringing you the latest travel news trends and destination ideas. Each week we dive into the latest travel stories and how they effect you, the traveler. Plus we provide insight traveling to interesting destinations and and useful travel tips to help you along the way.

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Have you heard of Skip-Gen Travel? You might have done it without knowing that there was a name for it. It's where the grandparents leave their children behind and take the grandkids on a trip. So on our podcast this week travel expert Onanta Forbes will join us to chat about Skip Gen Travel. Then we'll talk cruising, our good friend and regular guest of the podcast David Yeskel, the Cruise Guru will join us for the first of two segments on the newest cruise ships. This week David will give us his review on the Sun Princess. And, Ken Stewart from Crowfoot Travel Solutions will be along to give us a few destination ideas and travel deals with our Weekly Round Up. 

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