The Heffernan Show (King Of Queens Podcast)

The Heffernan Show (King Of Queens Podcast)

aurthur spooner

This is an amazing show, its funny and a great listen! Delivery man Doug Heffernan has a good life: He has a pretty wife (Carrie), a big television, and friends with which to watch it. Then Carrie's goofy and annoying father Arthur moves in with them.

Categories: Comedy

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Deacon finds a new friend and Spence convinces Doug that the reason his has been spending time with him is that he is black; Carrie's mani/pedicurist 'cancels' her.

Previous episodes

  • 207 - S7-E16 Black List 
    Thu, 07 Oct 2021
  • 206 - S9-E13 China Syndrome part 2 (Series Finale) 
    Sun, 08 Aug 2021
  • 205 - S9-E12 China Syndrome part 1 
    Sun, 08 Aug 2021
  • 204 - S9-E11 Single Spaced 
    Sun, 08 Aug 2021
  • 203 - S9-E10 Manhattan Project 
    Sun, 08 Aug 2021
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