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Roy Green’s resume is outstanding. He is a three time consecutive winner of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters national Gold Ribbon award, Canada’s most prestigious broadcast award. Listeners need not read his resume to know that Roy is a passionate advocate for the average Canadian, with an unshakable desire for justice and a deep and abiding love for his country. No wonder Roy’s show has been cited by Canada’s parliamentary newspaper as required listening for federal politicians. You can also listen to the Roy Green Show live on these stations: 900 CHML Hamilton, Global News Radio 640 Toronto, 980 CFPL London, 680 CJOB Winnipeg, 630 CHED Edmonton, 770 CHQR Calgary, 980 CKNW Vancouver, 650 CKOM, 980 CJME, & Radio NL.

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Today's Podcast: The assassination attempt against Donald Trump Guest: Dr. Zuhdi Jasser. Nuclear cardiologist, Phoenix. Former U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander and Republican candidate for U.S. Congress in November's general election. Strong Donald Trump supporter. Muslim and author of Battle for the Soul of Islam. Also Phoenix radio talk show host.  On March 3, 2005, four RCMP officers were ambushed and murdered on the farm of James Rozsko near Mayorthorpe, Alberta. Single greatest loss of life among RCMP officers in one incident in the history of the force to that date. One of the officers was Brock Myrol whose father Keith is a singer/songwriter and recipient of the Saskatchewan Country Music Association's 2019 Legends and Legacy Award for the Myrol Brothers. Guests: Keith and Colleen Myrol More with Keith and Colleen Myrol. Keith wrote the song Heroes following his son's murder and has written a new song titled: Saturday Jimmy went to war, Instead of for Beer with the Boys. There is a powerful message in this song about the state of the world today and Keith Myrol will speak to that, as well as the West needing to support Ukraine without hesitation. Guests: Keith and Colleen Myrol Back to the assassination attempt on Donald Trump. The dean of American pollsters John Zogby, founder of John Zogby Strategies(.com) and co-host of The Zogby Report podcast with his son Jeremy, joins me for a "two friends who have decades of experience reading the lay of the land in the U.S. and beyond discuss major events, such as the assassination attempt against Donald Trump, without turning it into a political discussion." Guest: John Zogby.   --------------------------------------------- Host/Content Producer – Roy Green Technical/Podcast Producer – Tom Craig If you enjoyed the podcast, tell a friend! For more of the Roy Green Show, subscribe to the podcast! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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    Sun, 14 Jul 2024
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  • 14544 - July 14: U.S. pollster John Zogby and Roy talk about the state of world post Trump assassination attempt. 
    Sun, 14 Jul 2024
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