Punjabi Audiobooks By Dr. Ruminder

Punjabi Audiobooks By Dr. Ruminder

Ruminder Kaur

It gives me immense pleasure to pour my contribution in the mesmerizing sea of Punjabi Literature. The land of five rivers has seen various seasons which have been expressed by various writers of different ages in their writings. Thus, empowering the rich culture and tradition of the pious land. Since, the technology is increasing day by day, and the life is getting faster and faster with every second, the role of literature becomes very crucial. Therefore, this is a small initiative from my side, to provide the voice to the writings of the famous Punjabi writers. Regards, Ruminder Kaur

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Dang!!- Sukhjit

ਡੰਗ!!- ਸੁਖਜੀਤ

'Misunderstandings can ruin the relationships'. This is the main theme of the beautiful Punjabi short story 'Dang' written by 'Sukhjit'. The writer has presented the different stages through which every relationship passes.

From cherishing 'Happy Moments' to the sad days of 'misunderstandings', the writer has portrayed everything in a very simplistic manner. The setup of the story is relatable with the modern societal structure, thus making it very relevant in everyone's life.

The cover art of this audiobook has been made by Artist Gurdish Pannu and Dr. Ruminder has given voice to this punjabi short story.

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