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Learn English with Bob the Canadian

Bob the Canadian

If you want to learn English you've come to the right place. I'm Bob the Canadian and I make videos on Youtube (Just search for "Bob the Canadian" on Youtube!) as well as podcasts right here to help you learn English. Each week I teach a lesson and I host a question and answer session about the English language. During these sessions I will my best to answer as many questions as I can that you have about the English language!

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In this free English lesson I will test your knowledge about English sports vocabulary. Are you familiar with all the words and phrases about sports? Playing and watching sports are very popular things to do so learning English words and phrases to have conversations about sports is like a great idea! It's also a very common topic for small talk!In this free English class you'll learn words and phrases like: stadium, referee, ref, umpire, ejected, score, point, scoreboard, player, coach...

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