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Crafting my periodic favorites into an introspection of my mind, resulting in a typically dramatic set of music. Living around 123 bpm. Working backward (as always), I'm living back in my hometown of Denver. Before that, I was based in Seoul, South Korea. Before that I was based in Bangkok, Thailand. Before that Tokyo. Before that Amsterdam. Before that Miami. I globetrot and find music that resonates with my heart and whatever gives me goosebumps the first time I hear it.

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Recorded Live October 28th from Denver, USA Spaziergang Im All (Original Mix) - @Deorbiting [DEU] Chasing Thunder (Original Mix)- @Township-Rebellion [DEU] Dread (Original Mix)- @Einmusik [DEU] Pogo (@RafaelCerato [FR] Remix)- @EricRose [UKR], @Comax-music [UKR] Aquarius (Original Mix)- @SophonicDifuzion [FR], @KarmaaMusic [FR] Let Me See (Original Mix)- @RafaelCerato [FR] Know Yourself (Original Mix)- @IdrisElba [UK] Lies (Original Mix)- @Sophonicdifuzion, @KarmaaMusic [FR] Girl with a Bat on Venus (Bruce Banner vs. @IdrisElba [UK])- @Hoefdaddy [US] If I Ever Lose My Faith feat. Sting (@Carl-Cox [UK] Extended Remix)- @TheScumfrog [NL] Grinder (Original Mix)- @DanPalmerOfficial [NOR] Longitudinal Axis (Original Mix)- Teenage Mutants, The YellowHeads Rave in the Sahara Requiem (Dub Mix)- Rafael Cerato Nevarro (Original Mix)- Fuenka We All Move Together (Original Mix)- Inner City, Idris Elba Hypercolour (Extended Mix)- Foals, CamelPhat, Yannis Momentary Victory (Original mix)- Township Rebellion, Ian Urbina Tonight (Herve's Voodoo Chilli Remix)- Moonbootica Hired State Of Unconsciousness (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)- Dave Seaman Home (Original Mix)Adriatique, Delhia De France, Marino Canal Bara (feat. Ahmed Sosso) (Pablo Fierro Remix)Manoo, Mr Raoul K, Ahmed Sosso So We Can Fly feat. Kollmorgen (Original Mix)- Martin Eyerer, Benno Blome, Kollmorgen UNITED (Original Mix)- Giorgia Angiuli, CIOZ Sadie Adler (Original Mix)- Miyagi Voyageur (Original Mix)- Just Emma, UNDERHER, Hansom Eli Fuse (Patrice Bäumel Extended Remix)- Eli & Fur Run Run Run (Adam Port Remix)- Adam Port, Yeah But No Fledged (Original Mix)- Oliver Koletzki Ewiger Tag feat. NANOGOTT (Dub Mix)- ROWA, Sanoi

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