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Every Friday, join Ruby for News Time as she counts down the week’s most interesting news stories for kids. From amazing animals to special events, the natural world to outer space, News Time is made especially for children to help them understand the world around them.

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We start today's show taking it slow out in nature for some journalling, before we bid farewell to a mighty Matilda. Then, we'll sit down for a meal designed for Autistic eaters, and head to the gallery to see the winners of this years Archibald Prize. Finally, we're headed back in time for a prehistoric… Wow of the week!  Quiz Questions Is nature journalling just for professionals, or can anyone do it? How long has Lydia Williams been a Matilda? Can you name one of the foods available at the sensory friendly dinners? Can you name one of the people that were painted for the Archibald Prize? What did the scientists nickname the animal that had some similarities to an echidna, and some similarities to a platypus? Bonus Tricky Question What is a monotreme? Answers Anyone can give it a go! 19 years Chicken nuggets and chips, plain pasta, fish fingers, mash potato and more Author Tim Winton, or rapper Baker Boy are the ones that we mentioned... but you might know another! Echidnapus Bonus Tricky Answer A mammal that lays eggs - and the only two around today are the platypus and the echidna.

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